I am under 18, can I still come and sit with my friends?
Sorry, no one under 18 is allowed on the premises, both inside and outside.

Can I bring food or beverages inside or sit outside with it?
Hookah Bookah does not allow outside food or beverages, including alcohol, on the premises, both inside and outside.

Hookah Bookah has a strict policy prohibiting alcohol on the premises. Customers come for the enjoyment of a good smoke and the relaxing environment.

How many people can share a hookah?
A hookah can be shared with a maximum of three (3) people only. We have this rule for safety purposes. When it is shared with more, accidents tend to happen.

Are tips mandatory? Is there an added gratuity?
Tips are greatly appreciated, but is not mandatory. No gratuity is added to the bill; however, it is polite to tips like you would in any other restaurant. Tips jars are located next to the cash register for your convenience.

Can I bring my own personal hookah?
Sorry, Hookah Bookah does not allow outside hookahs in the cafe.

Do you sell weed? Can I smoke weed in the store?
Absolutely NOT!!! We do not sell any illegal substances and if we catch anyone consuming illegal substances on the premises, we do call law enforcement. 

Why do I have to give an ID to smoke a hookah?
We are sorry for this inconvenience; however, it prevents a lot of theft. We have had too many people walking out with their hookahs after they finished smoking at the cafe. 

I like an item at your store, can I take it home without paying for it (stealing, shoplifting)?
Absolutely not! We have advanced 24-hour surveillance system to prevent theft, so if you are caught stealing or shoplifting, we will call the cops and prosecute to the fullest extent of the law by pressing criminal and civil charges, regardless of how small the item is.